The Brow Technicians Super Hold Brow Glue

Achieve fuller, more defined brows and extended, lifted arches that will hold their shape until the product is washed off.

The Brow Technicians ‘BROW PROOF’ Super Hold Brow Glue with its water-activated ‘super hold’ formula ensures that unruly brow hairs are visibly thickened and are facing in the right direction. It effectively covers up existing gaps and keeps the hair in shape and place all day and night until it is removed.

You can achieve that trendy lamination look with this product which helps to easily fix and manage brow hairs and gives them a healthy, straightened look in less than 90 seconds.


This natural product is sugar-based and offers the full benefits of brow lamination without the side-effects caused by harsh chemicals found in brow lamination solutions.

This natural product does not leave a soapy film and will not flake off like dry skin or dandruff amongst the hairs like some other products on the market. 

If used daily this product lasts for up to 6 months and allows for 200+ uses.


SKU ED1504
Brand The Brow Technicians