The Brow Technicians Brow Kit - Medium (Brunettes / Black Hair)

Define and shape your perfect brows like a pro with this all-in-one brow kit.

Australia’s Best Selling ‘Eyebrow Designer Kit’ includes everything you need on your way to brow perfection.

This professional kit contains:

- Three different stencils to help you easily find the perfect brow shape to best suit your unique bone structure.

- A concealer to help prepare and protect your brow make-up. Apply around the eyebrow and eyelid area before using the products listed below.

- Two eyebrow colours to help you create a natural textured eyebrow look and dimension. Use the lighter colour at the front and the darker colour from the midpoint down to the tail of your brows to avoid an unnatural one-dimensional looking colour.

- A smudge-proof angled eyebrow pencil that allows you to outline and build up your brows by adding fine hair-stroke lines.

- A highlighter to help you frame the arch of your eyebrows. Simply apply to the brow bone.

Create the look you desire. Don’t be afraid to experiment by using only one colour or both, using the pencil or just the brow powders. Be as bold or as striking as you like.

Seal in the look you’ve created and add volume to your brows with the natural water-based ‘BROW PROOF’ brow glue designed to give you that trendy laminated brow look without the harmful chemicals found in other laminating solutions. It lasts all day and night and is easily removed by water. It does not flake or leave a soapy film.

The 'Medium' Brow Kit is suited to people with dark coloured, brown or black hair.


SKU ED1501
Brand The Brow Technicians