Gold Nickel Free Cobalt Chrome Oval Rook Ring - Triple Band Premium Zirconia 16 Gauge 5mm x 7mm

Suitable for Rook, Helix, Cartilage

Stunningly beautiful design that is radiant and durable beyond compare.

This unique and elegant belly clicker in oval-shape design is made from real 24K Gold PVD coated, scratch resistant Cobalt Chrome that is more durable than gold. An exciting innovative material that has taken the jewellery industry by storm. It is nickel free, hypoallergenic and has an anti-bacterial effect. Much loved for its extremely radiant shine and colour brightness it has a high-wear resistance. This stunning rook piece has been polished to perfection and is set in a Marquise Petals design with dainty premium zirconia. It is easy to insert with one click.

Available in 16 gauge.


Barcode # BJ-3616
Brand Essential Beauty