18K Gold Sleeper Earrings 18 Gauge - 8mm - Pair

Suitable for Earlobes, Sold as Pair

Main Body Part

These handcrafted sleeper earrings are made from solid 18K Gold. Only the highest quality material has been used in the making of these sleeper earrings characterized by high skin tolerability and durability. The user-friendly hinge design makes the insertion of these sleeper hoops an easy task. Comfortable and gentle on the skin they are a must-have for everyday wear. 

Also available in basic Surgical Steel, 24K PVD Gold, PVD Rose gold, Black PVD and Cobalt Chromium for even the most sensitive ears. 

I’m a fine piece of jewellery and need to be handled with love and care. Please ensure the clasps are clicking into place, by gently pressing the earrings together. Applying too much pressure will damage the earrings and bend out of shape.

Available in different sizes.

Designed for ear lobes.

Sold as a pair.


Brand Essential Beauty