Titanium Attachment for (Type S) Internal Thread Labret - Premium Zirconia - Trinity - 3.5mm

Suitable for 16 and 18 GA Labret Posts (Sold Separately)

Main Body Part
Metal Colour
Attachment Size
Jewel Colour
Thread Type

This internally threaded labret attachment is made from solid Titanium (Ti6AL-4V ASTM F136). The attachment features three premium zirconia gemstones in a dainty trinity setting. Internally threaded labrets are suited for a variety of piercings including ear, tragus, helix, cartilage and conch, or even a fun addition in a lip or monroe! 

Suitable for both 16 and 18 gauge labret posts with the choice of a 2.5 or 3.5mm attachment size. 



Brand Essential Beauty