Surgical Steel Attachment for (Type S) Internal Thread Labret - Peridot Crystal - 2.35mm

Suitable for 16 and 18 GA Labret Posts (Sold Separately)

Main Body Part
Jewel Colour
Attachment Size

A classic piece to add a sparkle to your piercing. Perfect piece for any curated ear and ideal for stacking.

Made from SS316L Surgical Steel that won't tarnish or wear off and set with a premium zirconia gemstone. Suited for those suffering from nickel allergies and for even the most sensitive skin types. The highest quality materials have been used to handcraft this beautiful piece and guarantee high skin tolerability and longevity.

Suitable for a variety of piercings including parts of the ear, tragus, helix, cartilage, conch, lip or monroe.

This attachment is made to fit on internally threaded 16 gauge and 18 gauge internal labret posts (sold separately).


Brand Essential Beauty