Rose Gold Steel Hinged Ring 14 Gauge - 10mm

Suitable for Ear, Tragus, Nipple, Rook, Helix, Cartilage

Main Body Part

This is a hinged clicker made from Rose Gold PVD coated SS316L Surgical Steel, handcrafted for longevity and everyday wear. Suitable for various piercings, including ear, tragus, rook, helix, nipple, nose, lip, belly, and more! A quality basic hinged ring is a staple in your collection.

For nose piercings, try the 20 Gauge thickness.

For ear lobes, try the 18 or 20 Gauge thickness.

For cartilage or lip, the most common size is 16 Gauge.

For belly and nipple piercings, we recommend the 14 Gauge


Brand Essential Beauty