Piercing Inspiration Photo Book

INTRODUCING: Piercing Inspiration - Volume 1!

Essential Beauty's very own piercing inspiration book is coming to your salon in your next order. This book is perfect to provide clients with the inspiration and ideas they need when choosing jewellery, next piercing, and starting their curation/style journey.

Our piercing inspiration book features an ear diagram on the first page for clients to have a look at if they're not sure what exact piercing they are looking for. The second page features information on our virtual piercing try-on tool. On every page of the book the products in the photo are listed with relevant BJ codes on the side, to try on the jewellery via our tool, simply search the BJ code and try it on if the feature is available! The book includes curations on the ear, nose and septum in a variety of metal types, styles & colours. Our jewellery curations are inclusive for all genders and can be used if a client isn't sure what they are after, or as examples to inspire yourself. At the back of the book, we have some fantastic pointers and information on our many metal types available at Essential Beauty. Refer to the back of the book if you ever need a hand when serving customers whilst on the floor!

See a walkthrough video of our booklet here: Piercing Inspiration - Volume 1 - YouTube


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