Moroccan Tan Instant Airbrush Spray 177ml

Instant Airbrush has been perfectly formed to hydrate, nourish + improve complexion. Infused with an active blend of enhancing ingredients it works to deliver a streak-free natural tan. With a 360º nozzle and fine mist effect, this unique mist allows easy application from all angles, delivering an airbrush finish. Airbrush is ideal for providing colour to the face and can be used to set the foundation for a dewy glow.

Customise your colour by personalising and refining rinse times to suit you and your desired colour. For a natural finish leave on the skin for 3-4-hours, and for a dark result leave on for 6+ hours. This product can be layered to achieve more depth in colour.

Key Ingredients

  • Organic Argan Oil works to Condition + Repair
  • Organic Aloe Vera works to Calm + Balance
  • Natural Vitamin E works to Repair + Restore
  • Walnut Extract works to Heal + Soothe


SKU ED1170
Brand Moroccan Tan