Gold Titanium - 16 Gauge - 6mm (Type R) Internal Thread Flat Back Labret Post

Type R Labret Post Suitable for Ear, Tragus, Helix

Main Body Part
Thread Type

New improved longer thread allows for easy insertion of the attachment into the post. Type R Flat back labret post

Made from real 24K Gold PVD coated solid Titanium that won't tarnish or wear off. Suited for those suffering from nickel allergies and for even the most sensitive skin types. The highest quality materials have been used to handcraft this beautiful piece and guarantee high skin tolerability and longevity.

The internally threaded flat back labret post is completely smooth to avoid scraping and micro-tearing when inserting into the piercing.

How to choose the most suitable gauge for your piercing:

The 16 gauge labret post is ideal for a variety of piercings including parts of the ear, tragus, helix, cartilage, conch and lip.

The 18 gauge labret post is the preferred choice for the earlobes and for established nose piercings.

16 Gauge has a 3mm base and 18 Gauge has a 2.5mm base.

Available in different lengths.


Brand Essential Beauty