Dalton Clear Skin Vegan Sheet Mask

This skin clearing sheet mask contains a powerful blend of active ingredients perfectly suited for acne and blemish prone skin types.

Soaked in 16 ml of serum, this hydrating sheet mask promotes a clear, balanced complexion and feels just like a second skin.

Enriched with marine minerals which help transport the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin and Marine Peptides which gently yet effectively fight acne, prevent blemishes, reduce spot size, and calm redness.

The anti-inflammatory combination of tea tree oil and cucumber extract helps to unclog pores, regulates sebum production, reduces excess oil in the T-Zone, and offers a boost of hydration.

This incredibly soft bio-cellulose sheet mask does not need to be washed off and is easy to use – Once the mask has been removed, gently dab any remaining serum into the skin using your fingertips.

For visible effects after the first use.

Key Ingredients -

  • Marine Minerals
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Tea Tree Oil


SKU ED1906
Barcode # 4054621725336
Brand Dalton