Dalton Bright Perfection Dark Spot Correcting Serum

This correcting serum provides the skin with an ultra-high concentration of active ingredients making it a true all-rounder.

Its lightweight texture is quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and helps to plump fine lines and deeper facial wrinkles. It contains a balancing and brightening combination of spot-fading ingredients. Marine exopolysaccharides, hyaluronic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, and niacinamide help target discolouration, uneven skin tone, age spots, melasma, and post-acne scars. Red algae effectively hydrate and soothe the skin, while urea protects the skin from dehydration.

For a flawless and even-toned complexion and long-lasting results.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Three Key Ingredients -

  • Celumer Marine Extract
  • Marine Exopolysaccharides
  • Low-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid


SKU ED1902
Barcode # 4054621760092
Brand Dalton