Sterilear Bump Dots

24 individual bump dots

Piercing bumps (or Granulomas) can occur for a number of reasons including allergies, genetics, poor aftercare, irritation, trauma from knocking or bumping, or just bad luck. 

The good news is, that with treatment they can disappear completely! Bump Dots are also great for pimples and any other fluid-filled bumps on the skin. 





1. Spray the piercing with Sterilear Step 1: Clean and fan dry.

2. Using clean scissors cut your Bump Disc to fit around your jewellery.

3. Place over the affected area and press down for 30 seconds.

4. Time to sleep! (you can also wear Bump Dots during the day.)

5. In the morning, gently peel off and look at all of the gunky stuff that has been drawn out of your piercing bump.

6. Spray the piercing with Sterilear Step 1: Clean.

7. Repeat until your piercing bump has fully disappeared.

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