Gold Steel Internally Threaded Micro Labret with Lightning Bolt 16 GA - 6mm Length

Suitable for Ear, Tragus, Helix, Cartilage, Conch

Internally Threaded
Attachment Size


This is a micro labret (16 Gauge) made of real 24 carat gold PVD coated SS316L Surgical Steel which is handcrafted for longevity and everyday wear. This labret is internally threaded, making the outside of the post completely smooth to avoid any scraping and micro-tears when inserting into the piercing. A sharp shaped lightning bolt design is the centre of this delicate piece which is suited for a variety of ear piercings including Ear, Tragus, Helix, Cartilage and Conch. This jewellery can also make a fun addition to a lip or Monroe piercing – sure to be a conversation starting piece. The attachment is 5mm in size.

Quality custom made body jewellery, hand-selected by Australia's piercing experts. All of our jewellery is made from hypoallergenic, implant grade materials that are suitable for sensitive skins. Body jewellery sold online is suitable for established piercings only.


Brand Essential Beauty