Brow Stamp & Stencil Kit - Medium Brown

Get instant brows in seconds with this time-saving brow product.

Hold your stencil in place and stamp.

It’s that quick and easy to achieve flawless, symmetrical eyebrows.

With 10 different stencils included you are guaranteed to find your perfect match!


1. Select the appropriate eyebrow stencil. Align it to the position you want.

2. Remove the cap. Stamp along the eyebrow stencil. Starting from the front and ending at the tail. Continue process until desired look is achieved.

3. Wipe off powder from the stencil using a wipe. Flip the stencil and repeat the above steps on the opposite eyebrow.

Powder Tip: If the powder is too dark, dab excess onto tissue before applying then gradually build up the colour. Dab off the excess powder when filling in the front of the stencil. This will help you create the ombré look and keep the front of your brows softer.



SKU ED6028
Brand The Brow Technicians