Black Steel Ball Closure Ring 16 Gauge - 6mm

Suitable for Tragus, Septum, Daith, Helix

ball size

This ball closure ring is made of Black PVD SS316L Surgical Steel. BCRs have little indentations on either side of the ball which is held securely by the tension of the ring itself. This means that the ball will not “unscrew” it will just spin in place as it's not being held in by a threaded bar. Bend/open the ring slightly until the ball pops out of the ring - this is important to keep in mind when going to change your ball closure rings. 

Our BCR rings come in both 14 and 16 gauge in various diameters and can be suited for a variety of ear piercings including the tragus, septum, daith and helix. 


Brand Essential Beauty