Bioplast Pigtail Nose Stud - Plain Disc 20 GA - 2mm Top Clear

Suitable for Nose


Keep your nose piercing open when it needs to become invisible with this Bioplast nose ring. Bioplast is a  biologically inert material which will not react with your body – making it safe for body piercings. When wearing this piece, all that can be seen is clear plastic when up close. Bioplast retainers are the perfect, virtually invisible solution for school, work, sport, x-rays and surgeries. measuring at 2mm dome top, a 20 gauge thickness and a pigtail or nose screw fit.

Quality custom made body jewellery, hand-selected by Australia's piercing experts. All of our jewellery is made from hypoallergenic, implant grade materials that are suitable for sensitive skins. Body jewellery sold online is suitable for established piercings only.


Brand Essential Beauty