18K Gold Threadless Barbell for Vertical Helix Tribal Top 16 Gauge - 6mm

Suitable for Ear, Tragus, Helix, Cartilage

This is a Tribal Barbell made of real 18K Gold which is handcrafted for longevity and everyday wear. This Barbell is Thjreadless, making the outside of the post completely smooth to avoid any scraping and micro-tears when inserting into the piercing. Suitable for a variety of piercings with an added attachment separately including Ear, Helix, Cartilage and Conch. With a fancy tribal top this will look amazing in a curated ear. Available in 16 Gauge and various lengths.

This is a perfect piece for any Hidden Helix curated ear.


SKU G18K-YHNP03-1606
Barcode # BJ-3805
Brand Essential Beauty